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For the location "Slippy's Mall" see Slippy's Mall (Location).

Slippy's Mall is a fan story created by Child of Sun Flowers. Slippy's Mall is similar to the story of Five Nights at Freddy's but the FNaF Restaurants do not exist in Slippy's universe.

Unlike in FNaF, the animatronics are the main characters of the story. The story mostly focuses around Grape the bear and The Polar Bear Trio.

Main Characters


Grape is a green colored bear animatronic that gets relocated from an unknown location to Slippy's Mall. Grape seems to not know anything before possessing the animatronic, she doesn't even know her own name. Missy calls her "Grape" because of her green color.

The Polar Bear Trio

The Polar Bear Trio are an animatronic band that function as the main mascots of Slippy's Mall and Slippy's Supermarket. The three animatronics have names and personalities of their own. Slippy is a light blue polar bear who is the lead singer of the band. The band also has 2 backup singers, Missy the light pink polar bear and Gloomy the light yellow polar bear.

Individual pages for the members of The Polar Bear Trio:

Other Mascots

Buck the horse

Buck is a red horse animatronic and mascot of mascot of Slippy's Game Store.

Sunflower the fox

Sunflower is a yellow fox animatronic and former mascot of The Sun Flower, a little flower shop located in the mall.

Grin the clown

Grin is a mysterious animatronic that functioned as the old mascot of the mall before it was sold to Harry Bold.

Other Characters


Ghost is an animatronic with the appearance of a cartoon ghost. Ghost design is also inspired by Tissue Ghosts.

Harry Bold

Harry Bold is the current owner of Slippy's Mall. He also design the mascots for the mall. However he did not build the animatronics.

Oliver Grin and Jane Grin

Oliver and Jane Grin were the owners of Slippy's Mall (previously called Grin's Mall) before it was sold to Harry Bold.

Slippy's Mall

The Polar Bear Trio: Slippy ◆ Missy ◆ Gloomy

Other Mascots: GrapeBuck ◆ Sunflower

Others: Grin ◆ Ghost

Humans Harry Bold ◆ Oliver Grin ◆ Jane Grin
Slippy's Mall Slippy's Supermarket
Other TBA.