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Fredtrap also know as scrapbear in his scrap version and Steven nick as human is one of darknewshadow5's oc's who the husband of chloe nick and the father of David nick, Ben nick, holly nick and April nick and is Michaels afton best friend.



He is the same height as spring trap with a green body with some wires poking out of him with an missing arm due to falling off after waking up after death and hes wears a black hat and a black bowtie.


He wears a police outfit with no police hat because of him losing it and with blue eyes and black hair and a walkie talkie in his police officer pocket.


Hes even more broken with more wires popping out of him still missing an arm and has holes on his body and some on his face hes missing his hat but still got his bow tie with no eye lid on one of his eyes making it look like his eye is wide open and rotten teeth.


Steven nick

before his death he worked as a police officer looking for missing children and then got killed by William afton by seeing tow dead children on the floor in the pizzeria.


after being stuffed in a spring lock suit and dieing he was putted in an pizzeria called Danny's frights he wanted to escape after killing the night guard he set the place on fire and espaced and finding an scrap suit which looked like him he broke it up to make it bit more broken and taken off his suit and goes in the scrap suit.


is now helping scraptrap who William afton who now became friends wanted to kill the night guard and burn the place down together.


  • This is one of darknewshadow5's first oc to have an backstory.
  • His jumpscare is the same as spring trap and scrap trap.
  • He's one of darknewshadow5's first oc's to be an Male.
  • He was going to be glitch bear too but it was scrapped.
  • His mask isn't moveable even tho springtrap's mask is moveable.
  • He used to be an night guard as an teenager when still alive.
  • His age is 34 years old when alive.

    When human

As scrap