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Child of Sun Flowers Child of Sun Flowers 20 November 2019

Some test AU Description Template-ish thing

Main info about the animatonic here.

  • 1 Appearence
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Abilities and features
  • 4 History
  • 5 Other versions
  • 6 Relationships
    • 6.1 Friends
    • 6.2 Enemies
  • 7 Trivia
  • 8 Gallery

The animatronic's physical appearence.

Personality = personality

Things the animatronics can do.

Things like in what restaurant they were in. If they are possessed it will be mentioned here. The fate of the animatronic aka when they got destroy.

Other versions like Scrap Baby is another version of Circus Baby.

  • Likes..
  • Dislikes..
  • Etc.

Handy Friends list so I don't forgot to add someone to someone's friend list:

  • The Puppet: Circus Baby
  • Baby: Ballora, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, The Puppet, BB, Mangle, William Afton
  • Funtime Foxy: Toy Bonnie, Circus Baby
  • Toy Freddy: Toy Bonnie
  • Toy Freddy, Toy Chica, Man…

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MoonstoneTheGem MoonstoneTheGem 10 August 2019

Possession Headcanon Time

I'm sorry. XDDD

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MoonstoneTheGem MoonstoneTheGem 31 July 2019

My AU Headcanon stuff

So this is another list thing for this weird thing I have for the FNaF universe (since I don't know all the lore 100% precent) I'll try to keep the original ones the same though. I just kind of made my own lore up too.

Also, I'm not bringing up religion to get political...this just kinda matches my real world beliefs too. I hope it's not offensive (It shouldn't be?)

Basically this is a list of the things that can posses an animatronic and any extra details.

  • 1 Demon
  • 2 Angel
  • 3 Human Soul
  • 4 Child Soul
  • 5 Resettlement
  • 6 Astral Projection
  • 7 Soulless
  • 8 Literally just sentient
  • 9 Other stuff
  • 10 Characters I have so far
    • 10.1 Canon
    • 10.2 Fanon

A demon can posses an animatronic as it's much easier than trying to get inside of a living human being. Many times they are very evil, …

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MoonstoneTheGem MoonstoneTheGem 30 July 2019

Some Stuff

I might add more later. This is just for reference.

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MoonstoneTheGem MoonstoneTheGem 19 December 2017


That awkward moment when your fan made map is easier to read and follow than the original... :x

lol XD

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MoonstoneTheGem MoonstoneTheGem 25 August 2017


I tried to do an edit, using the FNaF resources packs that are on DA.

I was able to do it, but I'm not really happy with the end result. It's a boring pose, but I had to go with it because the program I use (Pixlr) doesn't change colors very well (It doesn't always recolor each piece the same color, it's annoying) so I had to use as little packs as possible.

I dunno....I can keep messing with it more to try and figure it out more.

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