OCs of FNaF Wiki

berry also known as the red cat is an robot possessed by an 12 year old girl named alex zack who appears in an hotel called the rainbow hotel and playhouse in the red room called play room and she the sister of Lucas zack(grass the green cat) and lily zack(midnight the purple raccoon).


she performs in the play room of the rainbow hotel and playhouse she loves to sing and dance she was the famous robot same goes for summer the yellow wolf she loves birthday partys but sometimes can get bossy here are the words if she bossy "NU NO!" "Can you not OK!" "Stop it" "no!" And "ugh no I won't let you because your an child blah blah".


  • She has an crush on Mike the bear.
  • she acts just like freddy Fazbear.
  • She was named berry bc loving strawberries that much.
  • she is the leader of the rainbow gang.